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Missionary Encounters. May 27-29, 2015

Missionary Encounters in the Early Modern World

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May 27-29, 2015
1210 Heller Hall, except where noted.


Wednesday, missionary encountersMay 27

4:30 Welcome
Katharine Gerbner (University of Minnesota)

4:45 Keynote
Michelle Molina (Northwestern University)
Moderator: Jeanne Kilde (University of Minnesota)

Thursday, May 28

9-10:30 Panel 1:
Mission Ideals and Missionary Archives

Benjamin Reed (UNC Chapel Hill), “A Mission Among the Missionaries: Francisco de Aguiar y Seijas’s Pastoral Visit to the Southern Archdiocese of Mexico, 1687-1688”

Peter Walker (Columbia University), ““The Maintenance of an Orthodox Clergy”: Anglican Missionary Enterprise in New England, 1751-63”

Heidi Keller-Lapp (UC San Diego), “‘Les Guerrières de Dieu’ in the Ursuline Missionary Archive”

Comment: Michelle Molina (Northwestern University)

11-12:30 Panel 2: Evaluating Missionary Progress
Aaron Fogleman (Northern Illinois University), “Origins, Success, and Failure in the First Evangelical Protestant Mission to Slaves in the Carolina Lowcountry, 1738­-1740”

Brandon Bayne (UNC Chapel Hill), “‘Willy Nilly Baptisms’ and ‘Chichimeca’ Freedoms: Missionary Disputes, Indigenous Desires and the 1695 Revolt of the O’odham”

Jesse Sargent (Graduate Institute, Geneva), “Between Empires and Civilizations: Jesuits as Expert Advisors in Old East Asia”

Comment: Kirsten Fischer (University of Minnesota)

2-3:30 Tour of Bell Library & Discussion of Missionary Sources 
Marguerite Ragnow (University of Minnesota)
This event will be held at the James Ford Bell Library

4-5:30 Panel 3: Indigenous Frontiers
Robert Morrissey (University of Illinois), “The Animal in the Missionary Encounter: Illinois Indians and French Jesuits on an Ontological Frontier”

Dot Tuer (OCAD University), “Becoming Shaman: The Mutability of Spiritual Conversion in the first encounters of the Franciscans and the Guaraní in the Río de la Plata: 1537-1556.”

Kittiya Lee (California State), “Cannibal Theologies in Colonial Portuguese America: The Christian Sacrament of the Eucharist and Tupinambá Pledge of Vengeance”

Comment: David Chang (University of Minnesota)

Friday, May 29

9:30-11 Panel 4: Speaking Across Divides
Yaakov Ariel (UNC Chapel Hill), “A Different Kind of Interaction: Pietist Missionaries and Jews”

Daniel Wasserman-Soler (Alma College), “The Languages of the Saints: Multilingualism in the Lives of Spanish American Missionaries”

James Laine (Macalester College), “Akbar and the Missionary Position”

Comment: Michael Lower (University of Minnesota)

11:00 Closing remarks
Karin Vélez (Macalester College)

Cosponsored by the Center for Early Modern History, the Journal of Early Modern History, the Consortium for the Study of the Premodern World, the Departments of History and Religious Studies, and Macalester College.

Precirculated papers can be accessed here. You must register in order to access the precirculated papers.

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