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Cinema, Montage, and the Rhythm of Life. Domietta Torlasco, March 9, 2015

Cinema, Montage, and the Rhythm of Life

Monday, March 9, 2015, at 5:00pm
135 Nicholson Hall

Domietta Torlasco, Italian and Comparative Literary Studies, Northwestern University

domietta torlaso heretical archive
domietta torlascoDomietta Torlasco works at the intersection of film theory and practice, with interest in European cinema, psychoanalysis, phenomenology, feminist theory, and time-based visual arts. Her recent book, The Heretical Archive: Digital Memory at the End of Film (U of M Press, 2013), examines how digital films and multimedia installations can radically transform our memories of film and our understanding of the cinematic and psychoanalytic archives.

Cosponsored by the IAS Rethinking Visual Media Studies after the Digital Revolution collaborative, the Moving Image Studies Graduate Group, and the Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature.

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