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The Ukraine Conflict: Contested Past, Contested Present. March 5, 2015.

The Ukraine Conflict: Contested Past, Contested Present

Thursday, March 5, 2015, at 4:00pm
1210 Heller Hall

Part of a three-day conference by the IAS Collaborative Reframing Mass Violence: Human Rights and Social Memory in post-Stalinist Europe.

Download: small video, audio, or original.


Download: small video, audio, or original.

John-Paul Himka, University of Alberta: “The History behind the Regional Conflict in Ukraine”
George O. Liber, University of Alabama – Birmingham: “The Ukrainian Revolution of 2013-2015 and the Russian Response”
J. Brian Atwood, University of Minnesota: “The US Perspective on the Regional Conflict”
Respondent: Mary Curtin (University of Minnesota)

The world’s attention has not been far from Ukraine since the eruption of violence in 2013. Three Ukraine experts will contextualize this delicate regional conflict, which is unfolding amidst the minefields laid down by the interests of global super powers.

The IAS Reframing Mass Violence Collaborative explores the particular developments and transnational entanglements of social memories in societies revisiting their legacies of dictatorship, state terror, and grave human rights violations. In the Collaborative’s second year, the focus is on post-Stalinist Europe and the contemporary processes of re-interpretation and re-framing of a) the atrocities themselves and b) the transitional justice models that were adopted in their aftermaths.

Sponsored by the Human Rights Program and the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Cosponsored by the Institute for Global Studies, Center for Austrian Studies, Department of Political Science, Department of History, Center for Jewish Studies, and the European Studies Consortium. See also: a panel on “What Just Happened in the Ukraine?” at SCSU; an interview with Prof. Peter Weisensel.

boris sveshnikov
Untitled 1951 oil on linen by Boris Sveshnikov

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