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IAS Collaboratives at the Interdisciplinary Graduate Commons. February 13, 2015

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IAS Collaboratives at the Interdisciplinary Graduate Commons

Friday, February 13, 1:30-3:00pm
140 Nolte Center

The Interdisciplinary Commons is a new Graduate School initiative intended to foster graduate student interactions across disciplines. Offered on a trial basis during the 2014-15 academic year, The Interdisciplinary Commons will provide space in the Nolte Center for graduate students with interdisciplinary scholarly, research and creative interests to study, make connections with students in other fields, discuss and develop their ideas, collaborate on projects, present papers and dissertation chapters to peers, and network and learn from faculty, professional staff and other graduate students about a variety of topics related to interdisciplinary inquiry.

On the 13th, the IAS will sponsor a showcase of collaborative work, which will both demonstrate the range of interdisciplinary work being done at the U and also offer interested grad students a chance to learn about and possibly get involved in IAS collaboratives. A number of the 2014-15 IAS Collaboratives will be represented. Each collaborative group will have a table area where its members can engage with students as they meander through the room. At intervals, collaboratives will give more formal 5-minute presentations. Collaborative conveners will talk about their group’s aims and activities and how graduate students might participate in or add to the collaborative’s work.

1:40pm Code Work: Exploring Digital Studies though Code Alison Link, Justin Schell
1:45pm Rethinking Visual Media Studies after the Digital Revolution Graeme Stout
1:50pm Reframing Mass Violence Alejandro Baer
1:55pm Rehearsing Failure: Brecht’s America Lisa Channer
2:00pm Improvising Ecosystems Maja Radovanlija
2:10pm Interpretation & Translation Studies at the University Scott Homler, Joe Allen
2:15pm Private for the Public Good? Media Treatments of Education, Citizenship and Opportunity in the United States Mary Vavrus, Roozbeh Shirazi
2:20pm Beyond the Modernist Understanding of Consciousness Tom Wolfe, Nicole Scott
2:30pm River Life Program Pat Nunnally
2:35pm Heritage Greg Donofrio, Kevin Murphy
2:40pm Commercial Sex, Research and Action: Toward an Engaged-University Approach to Juvenile Sex Trading? Heidi Barajas
2:45pm Engaged Art in the Social Sphere Christine Baeumler
2:50pm Where is Nature Now? Christine Baeumler

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