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African Diaspora Histories and Contemporary Well-Being, December 3, 2014

On history, documentary, and well-being:
A call and response about the ways African American & Afro-diaspora histories inform contemporary well-being

December 3rd, 2014, 6:30pm,
Best Buy Theater, Northrop

A discussion with filmmaker Dan Bergin and Profs. Keith Mayes & Yuichiro Onishi.

Download: audio, small video, or original.

dan berginDaniel Pierce Bergin is an award-winning television producer, media educator, and independent filmmaker. He was hired at Twin Cities Public Television right after college, and in the past 15 years he co-created Don’t Believe the Hype – a ground-breaking media literacy project for youth of color, produced a profile on Cass Gilbert, the architect of the State Capitol, and his literary history documentary, Literature & Life: The Givens Collection, featuring an interview with Gordon Parks, was named the Best History Documentary at the Prized Pieces International Black Film Festival. His award-winning children’s film Zero Street played on public TV stations and at film festivals throughout the nation. His Emmy-award winning history documentary, North Star: Minnesota’s Black Pioneers, earned him recognition as one of the state’s “Artists of the Year” in the Twin Cities weekly, City Pages.

keith mayesProf. Keith Mayes is an expert on African American history, primarily of 1960s to present. He has special expertise on social and political movements and current issues of race and perception, as well as on topics of: • Race in the news • Race and perception • Black Men • Civil Rights commemorations • Civil Rights policies • Black Power Movement (leaders and organizations, ie. Stokely Carmichael; Black Panther Party) • Black History Month • Kwanzaa and other Black holidays • Social and racial justice, policy outcomes of the movements.

yuichiro onishiProf. Yuichiro Onishi is an African Americanist trained as an historian of modern America. His research concerns the history of the African American-led unfinished struggle for democracy in the twentieth century called the Black freedom movement that intersects with places rarely seen as centers of the African American experience, namely Japan and Okinawa. Presenting a historical narrative that is decidedly not a single-nation focus, his work foregrounds transnational connections that thinkers and activists on both sides of the Pacific enmeshed in social movements made in their efforts to construct the argument against the theory and practice of white supremacy.
MN black pioneers bergin

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