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To Embrace Failure? A Multi-disciplinary Re-thinking. Panel: Thursdays at Four, Nov. 13, 2014

To Embrace Failure? A Multi-disciplinary Re-thinking.

November 13, 2014, at 4:00pm
Crosby Seminar Room — 240 Northrop

Panel discussion organized by the IAS Collaborative Rehearsing Failure: Brecht’s America.

Download: small video, audio, or original.


Download: small video, audio, or original.

Our point of departure is the “productive” failure of single authorship and of representation in Bertolt Brecht’s theater, which ultimately led to new forms of collectivity and most famously to the Epic Theater. Yet our panel will inquire more broadly into the virtue of failure. What constitutes failure? What does failure mean for our academic work? Can failure be disentangled from success? Please come and discuss these and other questions with our panelists:

Juliette Cherbuliez, French and Italian
Nancy Luxon, Political Science
Christina Schmid, Art
Margaret Werry, Theatre Arts and Dance

Moderated by the collaborative conveners:
Lisa Channer, Theatre Arts & Dance, CLA
Matthias Rothe, German Scandinavian & Dutch, CLA

This panel is part of the 2014-16 University Symposium on Strategy. See also: Brechtian Legacies: Expanded Theater. Profs. Juliette Cherbuliez and Lisa Channer have been interviewed by the Bat of Minerva.
brecht rehearsing failure

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