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Copyright, Digitization, and the 21st Century Library. Nancy Sims & Scott Spicer, November 7, 2014

Copyright, Digitization, and the 21st Century Library: 
A Discussion of the Promises and Perils of Virtual Resources and Streaming Media

Friday, November 7th, 2014, at 1:30pm
Nicholson 135

A discussion with Nancy Sims, Copyright Program Librarian, and Scott Spicer, Media Outreach and Learning Spaces Librarian

Download: audio, small video, or original.

As the University of Minnesota expands its online resources within the library system and visual media are increasingly distributed in online, streaming formats, we wish to start a discussion of the potential benefits of digitalization as well as the various challenges that this transformation would entail. To lead our discussion and share their expertise, we are pleased to welcome Nancy Sims and Scott Spicer from the University Libraries. Scott and Nancy are on the frontlines of designing and implementing digital solutions and can speak to the complicated world of media, copyright, and education.

Organized by IAS Collaborative, Rethinking Visual Media Studies after the Digital Revolution and cosponsored by the Moving Image Studies Graduate Group. Free and open to the public. Coffee and Desserts served. This is the first in a recurring series of discussions with people from around the University of Minnesota who work with digital media in educational practices. Informal and participatory, we hope to offer a forum that brings people from across the University together to debate and explore the future use of digital technologies in education.

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