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A Network Grows in the Internet: Feminist Publishing in the Cracks of a Broken System. Carol Stabile, October 28, 2014

A Network Grows in the Internet:
Feminist Publishing in the Cracks of a Broken System

Tuesday, October 28, 2014, at 3:00-4:30pm
125 Nolte Center

A talk by Carol Stabile, Journalism/Women’s & Gender Studies, University of Oregon;
Editor, The Fembot Collective

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The 2008 market collapse’s impact on academic publishing in the US was swift: university presses found their budgets cut and in some cases eliminated; faculty members – pinched by increases in class sizes and administrative work – were becoming even more reluctant to donate labor in the shape of manuscript and journal article reviews; administrators in the humanities began to consider what might happen to tenure and review processes given that fewer presses were willing to take a risk on publishing monographs by first-time authors. Feminists across disciplines had managed to create some significant beachheads in academic publishing, notably Signs, which remains very generously supported by the University of Chicago Press; Camera Obscura; Feminist Media Studies; and Differences. This presentation discusses how a small group of feminists (one that has grown from a handful of people located in Oregon in 2008 to over 150 collective members in ten different countries today) – feminists committed to analyses grounded in relations of race, class, sexuality, and ability and keenly interested in new media and technology – decided to seize the means of production, reinvent peer review, and provide a multimodal, experimental platform for scholars, artists, students, and activists. Central to this account is how Fembot and its members think about questions of labor in the context of increasingly entrepreneurial and defunded public institutions.

carol stabile rethinking visual media studiesCarol Stabile earned a PhD in English from Brown University, where she did research on gender, technology, and feminist theory. Her interdisciplinary research interests focus on gender, race, class, and sexual orientation in media and popular culture She is the author of Feminism and the Technological Fix, editor of Turning the Century: Essays in Media and Cultural Studies, co-editor of Prime Time Animation: Television Animation and American Culture, and author of White Victims, Black Villains: Gender, Race, and Crime News in US Culture. Her articles have appeared in Camera Obscura, Critical Studies in Media Communication, Cultural Studies, and Feminist Media Studies.

Stabile is currently finishing a book on women writers and the broadcast blacklist in the 1950s, entitled Black and White and Red All Over: Women Writers and the Television Blacklist and working on research on gender in massively multiplayer online games.  She is also a founder of Fembot, a scholarly collaboration promoting research on gender, media, and technology.

This talk is organized by the IAS Rethinking Visual Media Studies after the Digital Revolution Collaborative and cosponsored by the Department of Communication Studies.

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