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Northern Spark 2014 at Northrop

Be a part of Northern Spark at Northrop! June 14-15


What Is Northern Spark?

Northern Spark is a unique, free, annual, multidisciplinary, multi-venue, multiple partner, dusk-to-dawn, public arts festival. Northern Spark is a one-night event. We serve as a platform for artists and our partners to dream of and plan projects that use the city as a stage and screen.  The theme of Northern Spark this year is “projecting the city.”

Northern Spark 2014: Projecting the City
The writer Italo Calvino wrote in Invisible Cities:

“The Great Kahn contemplates an empire covered with cities that weigh upon the earth and upon mankind, crammed with wealth and traffic, overladen with ornaments and offices, complicated with mechanisms and hierarchies, swollen, tense, ponderous. ‘The empire is being crushed by its own weight’ Kublai thinks, and in his dreams, cities as light as kites appear, pierced like laces, cities transparent as mosquito netting, cities like leaves’ veins, cities lined like a hand’s palm, filigree cities to be seen through their opaque and fictitious thickness”

Metaphorically—but no longer just metaphorically—we dream of something more for our cities. Not something planned and canned, like another confectionary spectacle, but something that can respond to our dreams. Something that will transform with us, not just perform change on us, like an operation.

Call for Volunteers

Saturday, June 14 from Dusk till Dawn

As part of this year’s Northern Spark, Northrop and IAS are calling for volunteers from the University community to help make this event a success. Volunteers will be responsible for guiding people through Northrop, working with particular artists, and helping explain the festival to visitors to the U.

We seek volunteers for two hour shifts from 6 pm – 6 am and for longer shifts:

5 pm – 10 pm
8 pm – midnight
10 pm – 2 am
midnight – 6 am
3 am – 7 am

Be a part of Northern Spark!  Send Sharon Fischlowitz an email with your contact information and June 14-15 volunteer availability:


Email or call Sharon Fischlowitz at the IAS with any questions. or 612-624-6148

More information about Northern Spark at Northrop

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