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Popular Music and African American Empowerment: Andrew Aoki, May 2, 2014

Notes from the Underground:
Popular Music and African American Empowerment

The IAS Music and Sound Studies Collaborative presents Andrew Aoki, Political Science, Augsburg College

Download as: audio, small video, or original.


Download as: audio, small video, or original.

This research examines the role that popular culture can play in political and social change, with a focus on the interaction of popular music and racial hierarchy. Looking at two eras of musical innovation—the early years of rock and roll, and the emergence of hip hop into prominence in the 1980s and 1990s—Aoki considers the extent to which the new musical forms worked to challenge cultural and racial hegemony.

Andrew Aoki is professor and chair of the Political Science Department at Augsburg College, and is co-president of the American Political Science Organized Section on Race, Ethnicity, and Politics. His scholarship has focused on immigration, ethnoracial politics, multicultural education, and popular culture and politics. His current projects are a study of the role of Asian Americans in the evolving ethnoracial order, and an assessment of the role of popular music in ethnoracial relations in the United States.

andrew aoki

This talk occured Friday, May 2, 2014 at 4:00pm in 280 Ferguson Hall.

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