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April 11, 2014: David Lentz

Agriculture, Forest Management, and the Demise of the Classic Maya City of Tikal

IAS and the Maya Society of Minnesota present David Lentz, paleoecologist and ethnobotanist, Director, University of Cincinnati Center for Field Studies.

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2014.4.11 Lentz Tikal cropAgricultural systems, forestry, and the management of other natural resources are the underpinnings of any complex society. Paleoecologist and ethnobotanist David Lentz studies how Indigenous peoples, both past and present, have used plants, in order to develop a greater understanding of how early cultures manipulated their environment through their agricultural and other land-use practices. Dr. Lentz will present insights into the ways the ancient Maya of Tikal managed their resources and how their strategies ultimately led to the demise of this Late Classic city in the tropical northern lowlands of present-day Guatemala.

While at the IAS, Lentz also spoke with Phyllis Messenger about his life and work. During 2013-14, the Maya Society of Minnesota has collaborated with the IAS and the Science Museum of Minnesota on programs related to the museum’s exhibition, MAYA: Hidden Worlds Revealed, including the 2013 symposium, “Resilience and Sustainability: What Are We Learning from the Maya and Other Ancient Cultures?

Cosponsored by the Science Museum of Minnesota. This talk occurred Friday, April 11, 2014, at 7:30pm in Northrop, Best Buy Theater.

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