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Paul Hillmer, Oral Historian, on Hmong History, April 2014

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Paul Hillmer is director of the Hmong Oral History Project and Professor of History at Concordia University. He is author of A People’s History of the Hmong (2009), based on over 200 oral history interviews. His six-part History Channel-funded documentary, From Strangers to Neighbors, examines Hmong people and their resettlement in the Twin Cities.

Hillmer established the Hmong Oral History Project to help his students study their history, interview elders in their family, and engage in intercultural and inter-generational dialog. He ultimately joined in, interviewing U.S. personnel who served in Laos and Thailand in military, intelligence-gathering, and humanitarian capacities and younger, more Americanized Hmong.

In March 2014, Hillmer participated in the Heritage Collaborative’s Oral History Workshop.

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