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Critical Asian Studies: Book Discussion with Tak Fujitani, Mar. 11, 2014

Race for Empire: Critical Book Discussion with Takashi Fujitani

Prof. Takashi Fujitani will respond to the audience and two U of M faculty readers: Yuichi Onishi (Asian American Studies/African American & African Studies) and Travis Workman (Asian Languages and Literatures).

Download as: audio, podcast video, or original.


Download as: audio, podcast video, or original.

Takashi FujitaniFujitani’s ground-breaking book, Race for Empire: Koreans as Japanese and Japanese as Americans during World War II (University of California Press, 2011), is a truly transnational work that offers a profound and challenging reinterpretation of nationalism, racism, and wartime mobilization during the Asia-Pacific war. In parallel case studies—of Japanese Americans mobilized to serve in the United States Army and of Koreans recruited or drafted into the Japanese military—Fujitani examines the U.S. and Japanese empires as they struggled to manage racialized populations while waging total war. Fujitani probes governmental policies and analyzes representations of these soldiers—on film, in literature, and in archival documents—to reveal how characteristics of racism, nationalism, capitalism, gender politics, and the family changed on both sides. He demonstrates that the United States and Japan became increasingly alike over the course of the war, perhaps most tellingly in their common attempts to disavow racism even as they reproduced it in new ways and forms.

Fujitani is the Dr. David Chu Professor in Asia-Pacific Studies and Professor of History at the University of Toronto. He is the editor of Perilous Memories: The Asia Pacific War(s) and is the author of Splendid Monarchy: Power and Pageantry in Modern Japan.

Co-sponsored by the IAS Critical Asian Studies Collaborative and the Departments of Asian American Studies, History, and Asian Languages and Literatures.

March 11, 2014, 3:00pm
125 Nolte Center

Dr. Fujitani’s public talk on March 10

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