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David Haynes, Novelist and Teacher, Nov. 2013

Available for download as audio, small video, or original.

David Haynes has been recognized by Granta magazine as one of America’s best young novelists. The author of six critically acclaimed novels and five children’s books, he is director of creative writing at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

In this interview, he talks about his career, from his teaching elementary school in Minnesota to his direction of the creative writing program at SMU. He talks about his students and the ways in which his teaching helps his writing. He thinks about his readers and his own reading, then describes a course on Speculative Fiction he taught in 2013 and the ways fiction can create worlds. He talks about the loss of common texts and the proliferation of narrative media facing his students, and about changes in the world of book publishing and distribution. His most recent novel is A Star in the Face of the Sky.

This interview is part the oral history project Intellectual and Cultural Leaders of Minnesota.

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