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November 13, 2013: Site & Incitement and the Bat of Minerva

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A discussion with Peter Shea and Danny Robinson Clark, moderated by Ann Waltner

Peter Shea, Danny Clark and Ann Waltner discuss Peter’s interview with Danny Robinson Clark — an actor, sort of retired, where he thinks about his craft.  The discussion will range freely, from the substance of the interview to the process–to the ways in which Shea’s interview elicited Robinson’s stories,  as well as the stories themselves.
Danny Robinson Clark had a career in theatre, primarily acting in August Wilson’s play The Piano Lesson. Now taking only occasion work, he reflects on how he learned to be an actor: how particular experiences in his childhood and early life made his career possible — and perhaps necessary.
Peter Shea’s interviews with Danny Clark

This event occured Wednesday, November 13, 2013, from 4:15 – 5:45 pm in 235 Nolte, and satisfied the Responsible Conduct of Research continuing education requirement.

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