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Welcome to the Symposium on Resilience and Sustainability: Paul Martin, Ann Waltner, Phyllis Messenger, Diane Chase, Kathy Quick, and Alison Wylie, Nov. 2013

Available for download as audio, video podcast, or original.

Welcome and Opening Remarks by

  • Paul Martin, Senior Vice President of Science Learning, Science Museum of Minnesota
  • Ann Waltner, Director of the IAS, University of Minnesota
  • Phyllis Messenger, Symposium Organizer, IAS, University of Minnesota
  • Diane Z. Chase, Pegasus Professor of Anthropology and Executive Vice Provost, University of Central Florida. Goals of the symposium and questions to be addressed
  • Kathy Quick, assistant professor, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota. Introduction to resilience and sustainability vocabulary and perspectives
  • Alison Wylie, Professor of Philosophy, University of Washington. Introduction to collaboration across disciplines and communities

Part of the 2013 Symposium on Resilience and Sustainability, organized by the IAS in partnership with the Science Museum of Minnesota, the Maya Society of Minnesota, and Hamline University.

caracol-mayan_ruins_belize_toursPreceded by “LiDAR, Water and the Demise of Greater Angkor” by Roland Fletcher.

Followed by Panel 1: Making Archaeologists and their data about the past relevant to today’s issues: Report from the Maya Realm.

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