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Helena Goscilo, Professor of Slavic Languages, on Soviet Wartime Posters, Oct. 2013

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Helena Goscilo is a Professor of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures at The Ohio State University. She specializes in Russian 20th & 21st. century visual culture (art, graphics, and film), novels, folklore, and gender.

In this interview, she talks about the course of her academic career from Russian literature to gender studies to visual imagery. She mentions her projects on Vladimir Putin’s self-presentation and on Soviet posters, continuing to discuss wartime Soviet posters: their placement, their choice of imagery, their ideological purposes, and their representation of women as mother and victim. She compares Soviet posters–propaganda, film, and commercial–to the posters of capitalist America and Britain. She describes Stalin’s treatment of women and their position in the Soviet labor force. She discusses the posters’ use of religious iconography, and touches on the position of Soviet artists who worked on posters as well as children’s books.

Prof. Goscilo also spoke in a Panel Discussion on TMORA’s “Women in Soviet Art” Exhibition.

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