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Thursday Oct 10, 2013 Site and Incitement brown bag discussion

University Symposium Site and Incitement
brown bag discussion
Thursday, October 10, 12:00 – 1:30
Nolte 235

Join us for lunch and discussion.  Come explore the idea of “site.”

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The concept of “site” is crucial to the way we know and negotiate the world. It is now commonplace to move between physical sites and virtual sites many times in a single day. The Symposium explores how “site” may be defined, expanded, critiqued, and applied to physical (outdoors/indoors), virtual, temporal, and /or imaginary sites. One may also choose to see “site” in much more conceptual or expanded ways—for example, a novel or poem may be focused on “site” or the text itself may be seen as “site.” The term “incitement” is catalytic. What are the various possibilities for a “site” to “incite”? What are the various meanings, histories, and complexities overlaid on the same site? How are these ideas foundational to negotiations related to political, artistic, designed, and civic interactions?

We are holding a series of open discussions on Site and Incitement, taking a long-term and multidisciplinary view. The ideas from these meetings will help to stimulate academic discussion and to shape the course of the symposium over the course of the next year. These conversations are open to all; feel free to bring lunch and participate.

The next discussion will be held Friday, November 15, 12:00 – 1:30, Nolte 235.

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