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Hmong Ethno-Nationalism in Thailand: Ian Baird, David Chambers, and Jacob Hickman, Oct. 2013

Available for download as audio, video, or original.


Available for download as audio, video, or original.

Fri. Session 3A: Hmong in Thailand: Dreams and Expressions of Ethno-Nationalism

  • The Creation and Contestation of Wat Tham Krabok Space: Monk and Hmong Spatiality and Territoriality
    David Chambers, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Presenting a Sensitive History: Different Representations of Hmong Involvement in the Communist Party of Thailand
    Ian Baird, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • The Art of Being Governed: Managing the Soul of General Vang Pao through the Rituals of Aspirational Statecraft
    Jason R. Hickman, Brigham Young University

Moderated by Catherine Solheim, Family Social Science, Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota.

Part of the second Hmong Across Borders conference on October 4-5, 2013 at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Hosted by The Consortium for Hmong Studies between the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The conference was possible thanks to the support of the Luce Foundation, the University of Minnesota’s Imagine Fund for Special Events, Asian American Studies Program, Immigration History Research Center and Archives (IHRC), the Institute for Advanced Study, the Hmong Studies Consortium, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center for Southeast Asian Studies.

hmong dragon tailsPreceded by Fri. Session 2A, “Hmong Gender Productions in a Time of Change”, and Fri. Session 2B, “The Hmong China History Project”.

Concurrent to Fri. Session 3B, “The Media, The Internet, Globalization and Shifting Hmong Values”.

Followed by Sat. Session 1A, “Hmong Health and Identity”, and Sat. Session 1B, “Women and Gender Roundtable”.

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