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Northern Spark: Dance of A Thousand Water Dreams

Put on your dancing shoes!

Ananya Dance Theatre is part of Northern Spark.  Join them at Lambert’s Landing in St. Paul. Be a part of public art, 7:00 p.m., June 8, 2013. Directions.

Learn choreography and practice at home:  ADT’s website features video of the four segments of choreography used throughout the night.

“All are invited to join–to invoke a collective consciousness about the Mississippi that flows through us and about the preciousness of water in our lives. It is deeply inspired by the work of activists from the Indigenous People’s Task Force and is created in collaboration with them, and works through dance to invite communities to find in their bodies the close and intimate relationship to water that is enshrined in the Native cosmologies.”
This public art project involves Ananya Dance Theatre dancers, musical collaborators Mankwe Ndosi and instrumentalists from the Cherry Spoon Collective, visual artist Annie Rollins, and several artists and activists from the Native communities.  

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