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Gary Kroll, Environmental Historian of Roadkill. May 2013

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Gary Kroll is an Associate Professor in the Department of History at Plattsburgh State University; he was in residence at the IAS during spring 2013 with the Environment, Culture, and Sustainability group of Quadrant. Trained in environmental history and the history of science, Professor Kroll is interested in the literal intersection of culture and nature.

Deer XINGHis project Roadkill Nation examines how Americans have thought about and dealt with the problem of animal-automobile collisions in the 20th and 21st centuries. By examining the work of hunters, conservationists, wildlife biologists, animal rights activists, veterinarians, automobile boosters, state departments of game and wildlife, state departments of transportation, and road and urban planners, we can come to a greater understanding of the historical and contemporary relationships between humans and non-human animals in the age of mass-mobility. The project analyzes the collisions between various forms of mass-mobility (trains, cars, planes, ships, and recreational water craft) and animal mobility (cattle, deer, Canada Geese, Right Whale, Florida Manatee, dogs and humans) in hybrid environments (tracks, roads, airports, shipping lanes, and canals). This interdisciplinary project contributes to scholarship in environmental history, the history of science, animal studies, and mobility studies.

Among other works, Kroll is the author of America’s Ocean Wilderness: A Cultural History of Twentieth Century Exploration (2008) and “The Pacific Science Board in Micronesia: Preparation and Preservation of a New Frontier Territory,” Minerva 41 (2003): 25-46, and the editor of World in Motion: The Globalization and the Environment Reader (with Richard Robbins, 2009).

While at the IAS, Kroll gave a talk on The Snarge Matrix: Bird Strikes, Whale Strikes, and Road Kill in the Age of Mass Mobility.

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