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Tuesday, April 30: River of Poetry, a talk at/by the River with Amir Hussain

Poetry Workshop
Tuesday, April 30, 4:00 pm
River Park Flats on the Mississippi bank* (located on grassy area directly behind the Medical Center on East Bank campus/right off Harvard St.)

2013.4.30 Amir river 2

“Water, is taught by thirst / Land—by the oceans passed,” writes Emily Dickinson. This talk will consider various ways in which poets like Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Derek Walcott, and others envision water in some of their well-known poems. While differing in their means, ultimately these poets share a particular vision of water as both a physical site and a site for evoking reflection.

Amir Hussain graduated from the University of Minnesota with an MFA in Creative Writing last May, where he wrote a poetry thesis that explored human relations to nature. He holds a BA in Environmental Studies and Writing from the University of Pittsburgh.

*Attendees can meet at patio door of Coffman at 3:40 to walk over together

Amir Hussain and the IAS

Poetry and the IAS


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