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April 4, 2013: Childhood & Youth Studies: Elizabeth Dillenburg and Andrew Stone

Raising Britannia’s Daughters: Constructions of Girlhood and Visions of Empire in Victorian Girls’ Schools by Elizabeth Dillenburg, History

How did imperial attentions shape the structure and curriculum of prominent girls’ schools in England? How did these schools foster an imperial ethos across the Empire? Dillenburg provides insights into women’s expanding role in the British Empire to generate new understandings of transnational connections in evolving ideas of childhood, specifically girlhood.

Available for download as audio (.mp3, 41.3MB) or video (.m4v, 202.0MB).

The Love of the Proletarian State: The Emotional Life of Soviet Orphanages by Andrew Stone, History

How did Soviet children’s homes attempt to “remake” their residents as new Soviet citizens-to-be of the imagined socialist utopia of the future? Stone examines the dark side of this Soviet childhood experience and draws attention to the emerging field of the history of emotions, both in the Soviet Union and elsewhere.

Available for download as audio (.mp3, 42.4MB) or video (.m4v, 223.5MB).

Joint Question and Answer Session

Available for download as audio (.mp3, 17.9MB) or video (.m4v, 93.9MB).

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