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October 11, 2012: The Art and Ambivalence of Afropolitan Patriotism: Making Malian Music in Times of Celebration and Crisis

Ryan Skinner considers the contested idea of the nation and the political society it qualifies in contemporary Mali, from the celebration of the country’s fiftieth year of independence (2010) to the recent coup d’état (2012) and the manifold crises it has engendered and exacerbated. He will examine the patriotic expressions of an urban music culture that he describes as “Afropolitan,” rooted in a postcolonial city and routed through its global diasporas.

Ryan Thomas Skinner is an Assistant Professor of Music and African American Studies at The Ohio State University. In this talk, Professor Skinner presents from his project, “Afropolitan Ethics: Music and Urban Culture in Bamako, Mali.”

Organized by the Global Cultures group of Quadrant.

This talk is also available as an audio download (.mp3 – 45.9 MB) or as a video podcast (.m4v – 216.5 MB).

Question and Answer Session

Audio download (.mp3 – 30.9 MB) Video podcast (.m4v – 169.5 MB).

While at the IAS, Ryan Skinner also participated in a Bat of Minerva interview.

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