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Eating Bitterness: Stories from the Front Lines of China’s Great Urban Migration

A book talk with award-winning journalist Michelle Dammon Loyalka

Every year over 200 million peasants flock to China’s urban centers, providing a profusion of cheap labor that helps fuel the country’s staggering economic growth. Award-winning journalist Michelle Dammon Loyalka discusses her new book, in which she follows the trials and triumphs of eight such migrants–including a vegetable vendor, an itinerant knife sharpener, a free-spirited recycler, and a cash-strapped mother–offering an inside look at the pain, self-sacrifice, and uncertainty underlying China’s dramatic national transformation.


This talk is also available as an audio download (.mp3 – 40 MB) or as a video podcast (.m4v – 194.6 MB).

During her visit to the IAS, Loyalka was also interviewed by Peter Shea for the Bat of Minerva.

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