University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota

Faculty Fellows Spring 2013

Michael Gaudio 
Department of Art History,
College of Liberal Arts
“”Prosper Thou Our Handyworks:” Prints and Protestant Devotion at Little Gidding, 1625-1642″
Michael Gaudio and the IAS

David Pellow 
Department of Sociology,
College of Liberal Arts
“Social Movements and the Quest for Total Liberation”

Kathy Quick 
Public and Nonprofit Management and Leadership,
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
“Intersections of Bioecological and Institutional Paradigms for Practicing Resilience: An Investigation of Collaborative Environmental and Community Stewardship”

Ray Schultz
Department of Theatre,
Humanities Division, University of Minnesota – Morris
Solo Performance Project: “It Could Be Worse: The Mayo, Mutant Genes, Cancer, and Me”
Ray Schultz and the IAS

Shaden Tageldin 
Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature,
College of Liberal Arts
“Toward a Transcontinental Theory of Modern Comparative Literature”
Shaden Tageldin and the IAS

Faculty Fellows Fall 2012

David Chang 
Department of History, College of Liberal Arts
“A World of Power: Native Hawaiians and the Politics of Global Geography in the Nineteenth Century”

Nancy Cook 
Law School, Director of the Lawyering Program
“The Witness Project”

William McGeveran 
Law School
“Self and Selves: Public and Private Regulation of Online Identification”

John Nichols 
Department of American Indian Studies, Program in Linguistics, Department of American Studies, College of Liberal Arts
“Algonquian Digital Text Editions”

Frances Vavrus 
Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development, College of Education and Human Development
“Poverty Lessons: Education and Economic Development in Africa in a Neoliberal Age”

Shannon Walsh 
Department of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota – Duluth
“Engendering State Institutions: State Response to Violence Against Women in Latin America”