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A Moving Cell Project Laboratory: They Blinded Me with Science (& Art)! – A presentation with Carl Flink and David Odde, September 22, 2011

Biomedical Engineer David Odde and Choreographer Carl Flink explore the creative collision of their science and art as they examine the interior of the living cell. Over the past two years, the Moving Cell Collaborative has developed and deepened a fruitful creative and scientific relationship between Odde, Flink, and Flink’s performance group Black Label Movement (BLM). The collaborative primarily focuses on illuminating Odde’s scientific research into the cell’s microtubules and the catastrophic system in which they exist; using these theories as source material in the creation of a choreographic event; and exploring if this relationship can substantively inform Odde’s and other scientists’ research.

This talk is also available as an audio download (.mp3 -77.9 MB) or as a video podcast (.m4v – 379.9 MB).

The collaborative is also working with composer John Toejnes to develop a sound and sensory system for its “Cellular Catastrophe Arena,” and planning “Bodystorming” trips to 2 sites beyond Minnesota that will send Odde, Flink and the BLM movers to work with scientists interested in examining how highly facile and daring dancers can substantively impact their research.

Last April, Odde and Flink took part in a roundtable discussion that presented an interim report on the progress of the project that included video by documentary film-maker Robert Hammel, John Bohannon, who writes the regular feature “The Gonzo Scientist” for Science Magazine and initiated the Dance Your Ph.D. Contest, and award-winning dancer Eddie Oroyan.

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