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University of Minnesota

Greta Bliss, Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow, 2010-11

Greta Bliss (Department of French and Italian, CLA)

Project: “Untranslating the Maghreb: Reckoning with Gender in Literature and Film from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia”

Mentor: J. B. Shank (Department of History, CLA)

Over the course of the fellowship Bliss gave several presentations, two of which were at refereed professional conferences (the annual meetings of the Middle Eastern Studies Association and the American Comparative Literature Association). As an outcome of her work at the IAS she was also invited to give four different lectures in the U.S. and Morocco. She completed two dissertation chapters and submitted two articles to journals, one in French studies and one in history. Above all, she found the fellowship truly a unique and effective environment for taking scholarly risks in order to produce work with wider validity, both within and across disciplines.

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