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Dara Strolovitch, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2011

Dara Strolovitch (Department of Political Science, CLA), Spring 2011

Project: “When Bad Things Happen to Privileged People”

During her fellowship, Strolovitch completed several projects: the article “Intersectionality in Time,” forthcoming in Politics & Gender; a co-authored chapter “Gender and Civil Society Organizations,” forthcoming in Oxford Handbook of Gender and Politics (Laurel Weldon, Georgina Waylen, Karen Celis, and Johanna Kantola, eds.); and an edited volume (with Burdett Loomis and Peter Francia), CQ Guide to Interest Groups and Lobbying, forthcoming 2011. The rich interdisciplinary conversations made possible at IAS helped her to make major leaps forward on her book project, allowing her to work out the broad conceptual framework of empirical research for the project. Over the course of the semester, she also gave five major talks about her project research at invited presentations at the University of Virginia, Georgetown University, Ohio University, the University of Albany, and the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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