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Giving Birth to the New Science of Embodiment – Roundtable Discussion, December 3 , 2010

December 3, 2010IASEvents0

  • Prof. Alex Lubet, School of Music
  • Prof. Guerino Mazzola, School of Music
  • Romina De Novellis, École Doctorale Esthétique, Science et Technologie des Arts, Université Paris 8 Saint Denis
  • Bartek Plichta, Speech-Language-Hearing Science
  • Julia Robinson, School of Architecture
  • Prof. Matt Rahaim, School of Music
  • Prof. Michael Sommers, Theatre Arts and Dance
  • Prof. Adriana Zabala, School of Music

Prominent scholars from an extraordinary range of fields are currently engaged in the founding of a broadly interdisciplinary science of embodiment. Disciplines include neurobiology, dance, philosophy, cultural anthropology, mathematics, psychology, semiotics, gesture theory, music theory and performance, disablity studies, articifial intelligence, and puppetry.

Click here to download an audio file of the discussion (.mp3, 101.8 MB).

The core insight lending inspiration to this attempt is the acknowledgement of the human body’s unity of perception-in-action as recognized in Giacomo Rissolatti’s study of mirror neurons and Wolfgang Prinz’s common coding theories. These physiological discoveries have been revealed to be evidence of an embodied generator for higher cognition, incuding emotion, language, semiotics, mathematics, and logic.

This insight has been supported by Paul Valéry and Richard Schusterman (philosophy) , of Jean Cavaillès and Maurice Merleau-Ponty (gesture theory and linguistics), Patrizia Violi (semiotics), Martin Puttke, Simon Hecqwuet, and Sabine Prokhoris (dance theory), Merlin Donald (anthropology), Robert Hatten, Theodor W. Adorno, and Guerino Mazzola (music theory), Brian Rotman, George Lakhoff, and Rafael Núñez (mathematics), and Cecil Taylor, Marcel Marceau, and Francis Bacon (performing arts). In this roundtable, we will discuss the current status of the new science as a preview of the embodiment colloquium to be held at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris on December 18, 2010, where the International Society of the Science of Embodiment will be given birth. The legal home of this Society will be at the University of Minnesota. The Society is also scheduled to inaugurate the Journal of Embodiment, to be published by Springer.

(Photo credit: Hugues Roussell – Romina De Novellis at a public performance, La Festa di Santa Barbara, Rome 2008)

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