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Minnesota Fringe Festival: A View From the Inside – A talk with Robin Gillette, Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Robin Gillette is Executive Director of the Minnesota Fringe Festival. She has also worked as the Managing Director of the Twin Cities-based Outward Spiral Theatre and in Marketing and Community Relations at the Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis. The Minnesota Fringe Festival is a Minneapolis-based nonprofit organization that organizes an annual, 11-day festival. Since 1993, Minnesota Fringe has grown by leaps and bounds into the Midwest’s largest performing arts festival—and the largest nonjuried, uncensored Fringe in the United States.

The presentation can also be downloaded as an audio file (.mp3 – 38.3 MB).

In this rising age of unfettered user-generated content (YouTube videos, citizen journalism and Wikipedia), the Minnesota Fringe Festival provides an unjuried and uncensored platform for performance, while still providing ample structure and guidance to make the end results valuable for participating artists and navigable for audiences.

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An interview with Gillette by Peter Shea for the Bat of Minerva after the 2009 Fringe.

Peter Shea talks to directors and performers from Fringe 2010.

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