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Visual Persuasion and Interdisciplinarity, UMN Crookston

October 14, 2010IASEvents, | Conferences0

Institute for Advanced Study Conference
October 14, 2010

Bede Ballroom, Sargeant Student Center
University of Minnesota, Crookston Campus

Free and open to the Public

Theme: Visual Persuasion and Interdisciplinarity


Bryan R. Crable, Ph.D.

Department Chairperson & Associate Professor
Communication Department
Villanova University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Conference guest Rex Veeder, Ph.D., professor of English at St. Cloud State University helps clarify the relevance of the IAS Conference topics, visual communication and interdisciplinarity, with the term “copia.”

“Copia, for me, is the exploration of interesting possibilities as they relate to issues of importance to myself and significant others. It is “creative research,” in that at times it does not claim to be in search of anything but always finds something as soon as the relationships among the seemingly unrelated elements of the research become apparent. Copia, as a research method and deliberately done, is a celebration of an abundance of resources and knowledge that are brought to bear upon our concerns, interests, and desires.”

As Author Robert Grudin says in On Dialogue:

“Copia suggests a dynamic relationship between the reasoning and unreasoning aspects of the mind. . . Copia is a reasoned practice, derived from rhetorical tradition and indulged in quite artfully by writers and speakers. Yet simultaneously, copia is an appeal beyond reason, to the unreasonable, even prereasonable dimensions of the mind, to the kaleidoscopic, teeming, untranslatable horde of impressions, memories, and emotions that coexist with our most linear thoughts and actions. Copia, then, is reason’s effort to transcend its own logic, to explore and frolic beyond itself”.(47)

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