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Locating Heritage Collaborative, 2009-2010

As a multi-disciplinary field, heritage studies draws upon disciplines as diverse as anthropology, art history, historic preservation, cultural studies, tourism studies, planning and more. Recently, scholars and practitioners have opened a dialogue about ways to identify, interpret, and conserve a broader range of heritage resources, and the field is beginning to investigate manifestations of heritage that are neither static, fixed, or contiguous. From textiles and trade routes to festivals and foodways, the expansion of the field beyond objects, buildings and landscapes raises questions concerning the ways heritage is defined, valued and controlled. Locating Heritage will bring a diverse group of people and disciplines into collaboration, to expand the field of inquiry and explore ways to foster ongoing interdisciplinary inquiry and exchange.

Conveners: Kate Solomonson (College of Design), Gregory Donofrio (Architecture, College of Design), Nancy A. Miller(Architecture, College of Design)

During the 2009-2010 academic year, the Locating Heritage Collaborative brought together scholars and practitioners from the University and the Twin Cities—representing over twelve disciplines—to investigate the porous boundaries of the emerging field of heritage studies. Members explored the potential for enhanced collaboration and worked to develop and implement sustainable organizational structures to support heritage studies as an interdisciplinary practice at the University of Minnesota and beyond. A series of invited guests gave public lectures and led discussion roundtables on their research, and members of the collaborative shared their research through a series of internal roundtables. This year‘s work resulted in the identification of issues for further research, as well as highly productive cross-disciplinary cooperation.

>>The Heritage Collaborative, 2014

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