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Solo: 1×2 – Documentary Film by Robert C. Hammel

May 8, 2010IASEvents0

Sweat, Work, Passion: 6 dancers and 6 choreographers create 6 extraordinary dances.

For two years, local filmmaker Bob Hammel followed six dancers around the globe, recording the creation of six unique solos. ‘SOLO: 1X2’ is a documentary film that reveals the dedication, artistry, and perseverance of these incredible dance artists. It also captures the intense partnership between dancer and choreographer in all that it is: surprising, exhilarating, edgy, and life changing.

The dancers, Colette Illarde, Karla Grotting, Mifa Ko, Tamara Nadel, Laura Selle Virtuccio and Abdo Sayegh, represent the best of Minnesota’s vibrant dance community. Each of them works in a different dance form: Classic Ballet, Modern Ballet, Flamenco, Bharatanatyam, Rhythmic Dance, and Modern Dance. Each solo reveals something about the pair of artists who created it as well as something about the art of dance.

We also learn something about the commitment it takes to be an artist. The six solo dancers are not stars at the American Ballet Theater. They are the people who make dance every day in cities across the country. To achieve their level of excellence, they have to work hard, going to classes, performing. Some of them dance in more than one company. All of them have to squeeze in practices and performances around the other jobs they need to eat and pay their rent. They struggle to find time for their partners and their children.

International dance artists, including Nora Chipaumire, Carla Maxwell, Molissa Fenley, Douglas Dunn, Valda Setterfield, Dana Reitz, Susan Marshall, Katsura Kan, Donna Uchizono, and critics, such as Deborah Jowitt and Gia Kourlas, introduce each section and serve as witnesses to our dancers’ experiences.

Benefit preview screening followed by discussion with the director and the film’s subjects.

This event is a fundraiser to raise completion funds.

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