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Mephibosheth in the Middle Ages: Disabilities, Children and the Most Vulnerable of the Vulnerable in Medieval Europe. A talk by Walt Schalick.

February 9, 2010IASEvents, Video and Audio0

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In his talk, Prof. Schalick will focus on the impact of disease and disability on children in the Middle Ages. This is a natural outgrowth of his work as a pediatrician and his co-direction, with Monica Green, of an NEH Summer Seminar on Disease and Disability in the Middle Ages, which was held at the Wellcome Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL in London from July 5-August 8, 2009.

Walton O. Schalick, III, MD, PhD is Assistant Professor of Medical History, Rehabilitation Medicine, History of Science and Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prof. Schalick’s research encompasses the history of medieval medicine and pharmacology, the history of children with physical disabilities in 19th- and 20th-century Europe and the US, and the practical ethics of pediatric emergency research, some of which has appeared in articles and chapters and the balance of which is pending in two monographs. He is Associate Editor for the five-volume Encyclopedia of Disability (2005), which won Best Reference Award from the Library Journal and an Outstanding Award from the American Library Association’s Booklist Journal.

Sponsored by: Institute for Advanced Study, Medieval Studies

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