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Jenny Schmid, Faculty Fellow, Fall 2009

Jenny Schmid (Department of Art, CLA), Fall 2009

Project: “The Animated Body and Gender Liberation”

Thanks to discussion following her presentation to IAS fellows during fall semester, Schmid substantially revised the animations in her collaboration with Ali Momeni (Art).  Three short animations pondering the Women’s Desert Liberation Front’s recent efforts in Cairo and the Egyptian White Deserts can be seen below and more of her work is available on Momeni’s website. Schmid describes her fellowship at the IAS to artists and art students as an “on-campus residency” that allowed her to develop a deeper understanding of the animation technology that she uses in her work. She found the interactions with all fellows to be extremely productive, thanks to the frank feedback and unique references they provided for her work. Schmid cited Teresa Gowan and Heidi Stark as particularly helpful, thanks to their interest in social issues and power struggles.




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