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J.B. Shank, Professor of History, on Calculus, October 2008 – January 2009

J.B. Shank is a professor of history at the University of Minnesota and was one of the organizers of the IAS sponsored Theorizing Early Modern Studies Collaborative and a residential fellow at the Institute during the fall of 2007. His recent publications include Before Voltaire: Newton, “Newtonianism,” and the Beginning of the Enlightenment in France (University of Chicago Press, 2005) and “Fontenelle’s Calculus: The Cultural Politics of Mathematics in Louis XIV’s France,” in David Glimp and Michelle Warren eds, Arts of Calculation: Numerical Thought in Early Modern Europe (Palgrave/McMillan 2004). His full vita can be found through the history department.

Here he talks about the disputes between Leibniz and Newton and the origins of calculus in the sixteenth century.

Download: video podcast (127.1 MB) or audio file (.mp3 – 49.3 MB).

Here, Shank speaks more generally about the early modern response to ancient ideas about mathematics.

Download: video podcast (132.2 MB) or audio file (.mp3 – 54.1 MB).

In these interviews, he continues a series of discussions of the issues surrounding the invention of the calculus.

Download: video podcast (128.1 MB) or audio file (.mp3 – 52.9 MB).

Downloaded: video podcast (128.7 MB) or audio file (.mp3 – 53.6 MB).

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