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Transnational Film and Media Studies, 2008-2009

How can knowledge about the intrinsically transnational character of film—including understandings of such processes as resistance, appropriation, reconfiguration, and deconstruction cast in transnational contexts—help us understand the contingencies of cultural identity and exchange across national borders?

The primary aim of the Transnational Film and Media Studies Collaborative is to bring together the film scholars throughout the University of Minnesota in order to nurture a vibrant, interdepartmental academic film culture. There is currently no institutional structure for film studies at the U, but the faculty and graduate students who study cinema recognize the need to learn from each other’s various endeavors and to collaborate on common projects to promote cinema and media studies. The composition of the collaborative is transnational in our geographical areas of specialization, and we furthermore recognize that film cultures throughout the world are, and have always been, characterized by transnational flows of films, technologies, techniques, talent, and capital. We will explore these flows and increase our own transnational awareness by holding screenings, sharing our works in progress, learning from other film scholars in the region, and inviting two major filmmakers and three major film theorists to come to the U for screenings and talks.

Convener: Jason McGrath (Asian Languages and Literatures, CLA).

Collaborative participants: Christine Marran (Asian Languages and Literatures, CLA), Paula Rabinowitz (English, CLA), Lary May (American Studies, CLA), Siobhan Craig (English, CLA), Jigna Desai (Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, CLA), Richard McCormick (German, Scandinavian, and Dutch, CLA), Christophe Wall-Romana (French and Italian, CLA), Cesare Casarino (Cultural Studies and Comparative Literatures, CLA), Robert Silberman (Art History, CLA), Hakim Abderrezak (French and Italian, CLA), Lynn Lukkas (Art, CLA), Mark Anderson (Asian Languages and Literatures, CLA), Christopher Scott (Asian Languages and Cultures, Macalester College), Sarah Buchanan (French, UM-Morris), Charlest Sugnet (English, CLA), Rembert Hüser (German, Scandinavian, and Dutch, CLA). With thanks to CSDS PhD students Jonathan Thomas and Raysh Weiss for organizing the film screenings.

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