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Global Sexualities Research Collaborative, 2007-2008

The Global Sexualities Research Collaborative comprises an interdisciplinary group committed to breaking new ground in the understanding of sexualities in a comparative and historical perspective. The group is committed to a comparative exploration of the meanings of sexuality, how discourses of gender and sexuality intersect in different ways over space and time, how sexualities function in different cultures and historical eras, and how globalization affects sexual discourses. The collaborative explores the range of methodologies and theoretical approaches most useful for addressing such problems. While some aspects of sexuality have been heavily theorized, this collaborative wishes to examine theoretical assumptions and explore fresh approaches.

During the spring of 2008, the collaborative organized the first biannual Twin Cities Conference on Global/Local Sexualities, which drew over 100 participants and included presentations by internationally renowned scholars and artists as well as UMN faculty and graduate students.

Collaborative Events

The conveners for the Global Sexualities Collaborative are Anna Clark and Kevin Murphy (Department of History, CLA).

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