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Music and Sound Studies Initiative, 2008-2009

The Music and Sound Studies Initiative explores new possibilities for thinking beyond disciplinary boundaries in the research and pedagogy of music and sound at the University of Minnesota. Crucial to this effort is gathering information about the current state of music and sound research from experienced scholars who are presently wrestling with problems of disciplinary tracking, the expanding purview of their fields, and job placement for graduates. The members of this collaborative propose to invite esteemed scholars writing on music and sound from a variety of interrelated perspectives, both to learn about their research (as exemplars of particular tendencies within music and sound studies) and to discuss with them the prospects for music and sound studies within the Anglo-American academy in the coming years

How are new technologies and research interests changing the way we understand the category “music”?
How should the institutional study of music at U of M respond to the emerging interdisciplinary field of “sound studies,” which brings together researchers who focus on sound from such perspectives as media; linguistics; speech and language; space, environment and architecture; sensory perception; physics, etc.?

Convener: Sumanth Gopinath (Music, CLA)

Collaborative participants: William Beeman (Anthropology, CLA), Matthew Bribitzer-Stull (Music, CLA), Michael Cherlin (Music and Interdisciplinary Program in Collaborative Arts, CLA), Evelyn Ch’ien (English, CLA), Scott Currie (Music, CLA), Gabriela Ilnitchi Currie (Music, CLA), David Damschroder (Music, CLA), Douglas Geers (Music, CLA), David Grayson (Music, CLA), Kelley Harness (Music, CLA), Scott Lipscomb (Music, CLA), Guerino Mazzola (Music and Interdisciplinary Program in Collaborative Arts, CLA), Peter Mercer-Taylor (Music, CLA), Ali Momeni (Art and Interdisciplinary Program in Collaborative Arts, CLA), Gloria Raheja (Anthropology, CLA), Gil Rodman (Communication Studies, CLA), Anna Schultz (Music, CLA), Diane Willow (Department of Art).

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