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Erin Kelly and Phyllis Moen, Faculty Fellows, Spring 2008

Erin Kelly and Phyllis Moen (Sociology, College of Liberal Arts) worked jointly on the project “Rethinking Clockworks: Work, Careers, and the Life Course.” They completed the first draft of a book; Kelly also submitted an article to American Sociological Review. The fellowship allowed them to step back from the immediate research questions they addressed with their data to consider how this project and their findings speak to broader questions within sociology and beyond.  In February 2010, they gave a joint presentation on their work, which can be found at

Kelly and Moen’s collaboration resulted in the publication of several articles:

Kelly, Erin L., Samantha K. Ammons, Kelly Chermack, and Phyllis Moen. “Gendered Challenge, Gendered Response: Confronting the Ideal Worker Norm in a White-Collar Organization.” Gender & Society. 24 (3), 2009: 281-303.

Kelly, Erin L. “Failure to Update: An Institutional Perspective on Noncompliance with the Family & Medical Leave Act.” Law & Society Review. 44 (1), 2010.

Dahlin, Eric, Erin L. Kelly, and Phyllis Moen. “Is Work the New Neighborhood? Social Networks in the Workplace, Family and Neighborhood.” The Sociological Quarterly. 49 (2008): 719-738.

Kelly, Erin L., Ellen E. Kossek, Leslie Hammer, Mary Durham, Jeremy Bray, Kelly Chermack, and Lauren Murphy. “Getting There from Here: Research on the Effects of Work-Family Initiatives on Work-Family Conflict and Business Outcomes.” Academy of Management Annals. 2 (1), 2008: 305 – 34.

Ammons, Samantha and Erin L. Kelly. “Social Class and the Experience of Work-Family Conflict during the Transition to Adulthood.” New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development (Special Issue on Social Class in Emerging Adulthood). 119 (2008): 71-84.

Kelly, Erin L., Eric Dahlin, Donna Spencer, and Phyllis Moen. “Making Sense of a Mess: Phased Retirement Policies and Practices in the United States.” Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health (Special Issue on Older Workers). 23 (1/2), 2008: 147-168.

Moen, Phyllis, Erin L. Kelly, and Kelly Chermack. “Learning from a Natural Experiment: Studying a Corporate Work-Time Policy Initiative.” In Work-Life Policies that Make a Real Difference for Individuals, Families, and Organizations. Edited by Ann C. Crouter and Alan Booth. Washington, DC: Urban Institute Press, 2009, 97-131.

Moen, Phyllis, Erin L. Kelly, and Rachel Magennis. “Gender Strategies: Social and Institutional Clocks, Convoys, and Cycles of Control.” The Handbook of Research on Adult Development and Learning (2008).

Moen, Phyllis, Erin L. Kelly, and Qinlei Huang. “Work, Family, and Life-course Fit: Does Control over Work Time Matter?” Journal of Vocational Behavior. 73 (2008): 414-425.

Moen, Phyllis, Erin L. Kelly, and Reiping Huang. 2008. “Fit Inside the Work-Family Black Box: Conceptual and Operational Issues in Predicting Perceived Health and Well-Being.” Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. 81 (2008): 411-433

Moen, Phyllis with S. Sweet and R. Hill. “Risk, Resilience, and Life-Course Fit: Older Couples’ Strategic Adaptations to Job Displacement,” New Frontiers in Resilient Aging. Edited by P.S. Fry and C.L.M Keyes. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2009.

Moen, Phyllis and Qinlei Huang. “Customizing careers by opting out or shifting jobs: Dual-earners seeking life-course “fit.”” In Workplace Flexibility: Realigning 20th Century Jobs to 21st Century Workers. Edited by Kathleen Christensen and Barbara Schneider. New York:  Cornell University Press, 2009.

Moen, Phyllis, and Elaine Hernandez.  “Linked Lives: Social and Temporal Convoys over the Life Course.”  In The Craft of Life Course Research.   Edited by G. Elder and J. Giele.  New York: Guilford Press, 2009.

Moen, Phyllis and Jane Peterson.  “A Third Path? Multiplex Time, Gender, and  Retirement Encores in the U.S.” Nova Acta Leopoldina NF 99 (2009), 36.

Moen, Phyllis. “Conflict: Can Families (Re)Gain Control and Life-Course “Fit”?”  In  Handbook of Work – Family Integration: Research, Theory, and Best Practices. Edited by Karen Korabik, Donna S. Lero & Denise L. Whitehead.  New York: Elsevier, 2009, 95-122.

Dagher, Rada, Patricia McGovern, Donna McAlpine, Phyllis Moen, and Jeffrey Harman. “Postpartum depression among employed women: A psychosocial stress perspective.” In New Perspectives on Women and Depression. Edited by W. Hansson and E. Olsson. Hauppauge, NY:  Nova Science, 2008, 55-77.

Moen, Phyllis. “Understanding why some pass on the encore career concept. Aging Today, Vol. XXX (1): 9 (2009).  (Reprint of Commentary in MetLife Foundation/Civic Ventures Encore Career Survey, 2008, 18-20).

Moen, Phyllis. “Careers.”  In Encyclopedia of the Life Course and Human Development. Edited by Deborah Carr.  Farmington Hills: Gale Group, Inc, 2009, 37-40.

Moen, Phyllis. “Dual-Career Couples.” In Encyclopedia of the Life Course and Human Development. Edited by Deborah Carr. Farmington Hills: Gale Group, Inc, 2009, 108-110.

Moen, Phyllis.  “Commentary in MetLife Foundation/Civic Ventures Encore Career Survey, 2008, 18-20.

Moen, Phyllis.  Spotlight on Research – Studying Young People Who Become Old. In Jim Henslin (Ed), Social Problems, (8th Edition). Boston: Allyn & Bacon, 2008.

Moen, Phyllis. “It’s Constraints, Not Choices.”  Science, 319 (2008): 903-904.

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