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Maria Damon, Faculty Fellow, Spring 2008

Maria Damon (English, College of Liberal Arts) worked on both writing and weaving as part of her project “Text, Textile, Exile.” During her fellowship she concentrated on intensive reading, revised an article, presented a paper at an NSF-sponsored conference at the Center for Literary Computing at West Virginia University, and applied successfully for a summer residency at e-text+textiles in Riga, Latvia.

Professor Damon’s time at the IAS was particularly fruitful and she cites it as an integral part of the creation of her work over the next couple of years.  Peter Shea interviewed Professor Damon in November of 2008; that interview may be found here

Damon, Maria.  Poetry and Cultural Studies: A Reader. Co-edited with Ira Livingston. Urbana: Illinois University Press, 2009.

Damon, Maria.  Bagel Shop Jazz: Selected Essays for a Post-literary ‘America.’ Iowa City: University of Iowa Press. 2011

Damon, Maria. “Imp/penetrable Archive: Adeena Karasick’s Wall of Sound.” Radical Poetics and Secular Jewish Culture. Ed. Daniel Morris and Stephen Paul Miller. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2009. Essay invited, book refereed.

Damon, Maria. “Alan Sondheim’s Internet Diaspora.” Diasporic Avant Gardes: Experimental Poetics and Cultural Displacement. Ed. Carrie Noland and Barrett Watten. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009: 51-76. Essay invited, book refereed.

Damon, Maria. “Two Modernist Precursors in Cultural Studies and Poetics: (How) Can They Help Us Now?” Paideuma: Studies in American and British Modernist Poetry 35:3 (Winter 2006-appeared Spring 2009), pp. 13-24. Invited by editorial collective, refereed.

Damon, Maria. “Text, Textile, Exile: Meditations on Poetics, Metaphor, Net-work,” Electronic Book Review, Spring 2009,

Damon, Maria. “’A Vocation for Longing:’ History, Kinship and Absence Chez Nathaniel Mackey.” Critiphoria 1:1 (February 2008). . 23 pp. typescript. Invited.

Damon, Maria.  Visual poem/needlework and commentary: “Terra Divisa/Terra Divina,” These Debatable Lands, Vol. II. Ed. Iain Biggs. Bristol UK: Wild Conversations Press, 2009: 19-23. Invited.

Damon, Maria with Jukka-Pekka Kervinen. “Riff on Jukka 3” and “Jamming with Jukka” (two poems), Tammy 2.

Damon, Maria. (with mIEKAL aND) “Ficus Sutra” 1 and 2 (two poems), Kaurab 108 (August 2009): 179-84.

Damon, Maria.  Two visual poems, “Open Up and Bleed: for James Osterberg” and “EM: for Emma Bernstein and Her Family,” mid)rib 3,, Spring 2009.

Damon, Maria.  Two visual poems, “Text Tile: For Alan Read” and “Text, Textile, Exile,” Déja Vu Spidertangle Anthology of Visual Poetry.  West Lima,WI: Xexoxial Editions, 2009.

Damon, Maria.  Four poems, epidermis #4,

Damon, Maria.  Twenty poems posted on Forward/text, a site curated by Finnish poet and composer Jukka-Pekka Kervinen:

Damon, Maria. “live down/noodling around: an offering based on a line of spam from mIEKAL aND” (poem). Epidermis #4 (Spring 2008).

Damon, Maria. “Text, Textile, Exile,” Madison Area Open Art Studios 2009 Visual Poetry Exhibition, Madison WI, October 17-18, 2009. Invited by Matthew Stolte.

Damon, Maria.  With mIEKAL aND. “Hello Below the Serif of Indestructibility: X-stitch For Lyx Ish.” Organic Valley Coop, LaFarge WI, July 2008.

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