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Music and Video: Temporal Disorientation and the Manipulation of Memory

This project uses music and animation to bring to life a poem by the obscure turn-of-the-century author Samuel Greenberg (1893-1917). The artists manipulate the interplay between these mediums in order to disorient the way they are perceived by the viewer over the duration of the film. The film, “The Pale Memory,” draws upon time in such a way as to prompt viewers to think about and experience a correlation of aesthetic events in ways to which they may not ordinarily be accustomed.

Composer, painter, organist/pianist, multimedia artist, and author, Justin Rubin is Associate Professor of Music at the University of Minnesota Duluth where he is Chair of Theory/Composition and the director of the annual New Music Festival. John Paul Merigliano’s work includes digital media, multimedia, graphic design, drawing, and photography.


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