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Collaborative Instruction in the Arts and Social Sciences: Reanimating Public Space — Joint Class Symposium, 5/2/07

Joint class symposium for courses participating in Collaborative Instruction in the Arts & Social Sciences.

Geography Graduate Students Take Part in Dania Hall Charette

On Wednesday February 21, the Im/Material Geographies seminar, led by Karen Till will work with grad students from fine art, landscape architecture and theater to explore the Dania Hall site in Cedar Riverside. Students will develop and record their impressions of and ideas about the Dania Hall Site, and its environs, an important historical multi-use place in the Cedar Riverside Community that burned down several years ago. Their work will be used by theater arts students to create a performance about the site’s history and future.

The project was created by Christine Bauemler and Sonja Kuftinec, Fine Arts, Kristine Miller, Landscape Architecture, Karen Till, Department of Geography, and Maren Ward, Bedlam Theater.

The project is sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Study and Space&Place. Cosponsored by The Department of Geography, The Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, The European Studies Consortium, and The Institute for Global Studies.

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