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Christine Marran, Faculty Fellow, Fall 2006

Christine Marran (Department of Asian Languages and Literatures, College of Liberal Arts)

Project title: “Male Subjectivity in Japan’s Colonial and Postwar Eras”

Based on interchanges she had with colleagues in the fellowship program, Christine Marran began to work on a second book project on the role of the animal in representation and contemporary history in Japan. The University of Minnesota Press has contacted her for participation in their book series Posthumanities. She collaborated with Tony Brown in developing a freshman seminar, “The Animal,” and finished an article on her work on male subjectivity.

Professor Marran also credits her time at the IAS as contributing to work on several articles that were later published:

Marran, Christine.  “Empire through the Eyes of a Yapoo:  Male Abjection in the Cult Classic Beast Yapoo,” Mechademia, vol. 4, 2009.

Marran, Christine.  “Humanism and ‘Becoming-Animal’ in Japanese Manga,” Antennae: Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, December, 2010.

Marran, Christine. “Beyond Domesticating Animal Love: Becoming-(f)animal,” Mechademia, vol. 6, 2011.

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