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University of Minnesota

Siobhan Craig, Faculty Fellow, Fall 2006

Cinema After FascismSiobhan S. Craig (Department of English, College of Liberal Arts)
Project title: “Rubble Trouble: History, Memory, and Desire in the Ruins of Fascism”

Professor Craig completed additional research and writing, and sent out a book proposal to publishers for Cinema After Fascism: The Shattered Screen, published by Palgrave MacMillan, 2010.  About her time at the IAS, Craig writes:

“The fellows’ lunches were among the best intellectual interactions I have had with other faculty since coming to the University. The quality of the discussions was very high, and I found that the fellows gave extremely useful critiques of each others’ work. People were engaged, and generous with their time and ideas. I was very impressed by the ability of almost everyone to look beyond the usual disciplinary “blinders,” and genuinely engage with approaches and methodologies that were quite different from each other. It was truly a pleasure to talk to colleagues in other fields, and benefit from different perspectives. I feel that I made lasting connections with faculty members across the university, whom I might otherwise never have gotten to know. The feeling of community among the fellows and staff at IAS was a very positive aspect of my semester.”

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