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DocuLens Asia: Screening of “Doctor Zhang” and Reviewing DocuLens Asia, 12/7/06

December 7, 2006IASEvents0

Directed by Huang Ruxiang. 90 mins, 2005, Chinese w/English subtitles. With Reviewing DocuLens Asia: Bonus screenings and looking back on the series and conference.

Dr. Zhang is a man around fifty who has a long-cherished dream to work in Russia as an interpreter. Forced to quit school in 1966 when the Cultural Revolution just started, he was determined to teach himself Russian. Later, he became a regular auditor in the Foreign Languages Department of Sichuan University and studied for seventeen years, hence the nickname “Doctor Zhang.” In the meantime, he scratched a living as a cleaner for the school and lived in a basement. His chance came when in 2002 the Agriculture Bureau of Sichuan Province started recruiting students majoring in Russian as part of a labor export program regarding Russia. Dr. Zhang started to contact the Bureau. When he finally was waiting for his passport, Dr. Zhang participated in a TV talk show in Hebei Province. However, after he came back, he discovered that the Bureau had decided to remove him from the export labor list. Dr. Zhang had to go back to his original life and kept hoping for another opportunity. One day, he got a phone call that assured him that he could go to Russia now. He began to pack happily and boarded the train to Russia.

Co-sponsored by the Consortium for the Study of the Asias. Additional Sponsors: ALL, The Asian American Studies Program, and The Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies.

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