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Art as Knowing, 2005-2007

The Art as Knowing Collaborative comprises a working group of artists and scholars from across the arts, sciences, humanities and social sciences engaged in conversation about artistic practice and ways of knowing. Questions engaging the group include: How does art work as a way of producing, negotiating, and communicating knowledge? And how is that way of knowing of value across the disciplines as well as beyond the University? How do art theory and practice help us think about the forms of creativity, improvisation, visceral pleasure, and non-deliberative thought that inspire and occur in scholarship in every discipline? How can the arts stimulate new insights into recurrent problematics in the humanities, sciences and social sciences? And how can such a discussion be sensitive to cultural difference when the very category of “art” is itself an artifact of Western history?

Collaborative Events

The collaborative concluded with a two-day symposium, “A Public Conversation about Art, Ideas, and Practice,” held March 23 and 24, 2007.

The conveners for the Art as Knowing Collaborative are Lynn Lukkas (Department of Art, CLA) and Margaret Werry (Department of Theatre Arts, CLA).

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